12 everyday things that are much younger than we think

Here are some interesting facts that you may not know

Sharks actually appeared earlier than Saturn’s rings vành

You might think that something in the universe like the rings of Saturn would have to be older than any animal that has ever appeared on Earth, but no. Sharks actually appeared much earlier, about 350 million years ago. While astronomers say Saturn’s rings only formed about 10 to 100 million years ago, that means sharks appeared 450 million years ago.

Grass started to grow right before the meteor wiped out the dinosaurs

If you think there were many herbivorous dinosaurs, you’d be wrong. A lot of dinosaur movies cause this misunderstanding, such as the Jurassic Park kind of movie. They make a strong impression on viewers even though they are not scientifically correct. In fact, grass only appeared just before the meteorite that destroyed the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago.

Luggage trolley was invented after man set foot on the moon

Surely if the question is whether man set foot on the moon first or the suitcase with wheels appeared first, there will certainly be a lot of people who will give the wrong answer. Surprisingly, the Moon landing took place before the suitcase was designed with additional wheels. The first patent for this type of suitcase was registered in 1972, 3 years after man set foot on the moon.

There were no standard paper sizes prior to the 1900s.

In the early 1900s, DIN (German Institute for Standardization) was the first to introduce an internationally recognized standard paper size, called DIN 472. The current standard paper size is DIN EN ISO 216, basically is the A-paper series.

The high-five movement appeared in 1977

This is a familiar act when people celebrate together, so most people think that high-five is probably just a youth trend. What’s surprising, however, is that this classic celebration appeared in 1977, during a baseball game between the LA Dodgers and the Houston Astros.

A Dodgeers quarterback did a home run, and in celebration his teammates raised their hands in the air, and because the midfielder didn’t know how to react, he high-fived everyone.

Television was born before chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies are delicious, and what is even more surprising is that only since the late 1930s have people had these delicious cakes to eat while watching television. The creation of this mouthwatering cookie comes decades after the first television was born. The first televisions, which were mechanical, were actually invented in the 1800s.

It wasn’t until the 1800s that people started wearing white to weddings

It’s interesting to think that before Queen Victoria debuted her white wedding dress in 1840 at her own wedding, white was not the norm in one’s big event. Before that, the bride could wear any color suit as long as she liked.

Materials that make up the Sun

Recently received new type discovered that the Sun is made of hydrogen and helium. In her thesis, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin showed for the first time that the Sun is composed of these two light gases. This argument was once considered false because it was previously believed that the sun has a similar composition to the Earth.

Pluto was not found until 1930.

The search for the existence of this tiny planet began in 1905. However, its discovery was announced in February 1930. Clyde Tombaugh took pictures of the same part of the sky a few miles apart. days, and he discovered the dwarf planet now known as Pluto.

Soft toilet paper was invented around 1930.

It’s amazing, but soft toilet paper wasn’t used until a century ago. Before that, toilet paper was often just scraps.

Corridors did not become popular until the 1800s.

Previously, people did not use corridors to divide separate moving spaces between rooms. Instead, they will design so that all rooms are connected. For example, room doors will open into other rooms, and people often have to go through those rooms to get to another room, even going through 10 rooms to get to their destination. This ancient design can be found in some castles and palaces, and is called the Enfilade.

Phones have a much shorter lifespan than vending machines

The telephone was invented a long time ago, but the vending machine predates this useful communication device, dating back to around 870 years old. The first telephone came about 1200 years ago, and it was a lot different than it is today. The first shape of the phone was a wire connecting… two gourds. The first vending machine was one of Heron of Alexandria’s inventions, which appeared about 2,000 years ago.

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