17 genius inventions from the future, do you know what they are used for?

1. A 4-wheel electric vehicle designed for travel in all weather conditions.

2. Special “shoes” for horses to replace iron hoof cushions, protect the animal’s foot joints. Plus, isn’t this easier to assemble than to make a horse’s hooves?

3. Rechargeable battery with 1 USB jack

4. Automatic nailing hammer

5. Plastic bottles biodegrade after 1 to 3 years

6. New Chinese technology: building a 4-storey house in… 1 night

7. Detector detect hidden cameras

8. Fork + spoon = like this

9. A sugar cube? What about a honey pill?

10. A university library offers treadmills that integrate with computers so students can exercise while studying

11. A table with solar film and USB port so you can charge your phone and laptop

13. The socket of the future, where you don’t even need a jack

14. Pedestrian Crossing Passes in Singapore

15. McDonald’s with a small counter upstairs that uses conveyors to deliver food

16. Classroom is very luxurious with a projector hidden in the ceiling and a mirror to show the lecture

17. A prosthetic leg for an elephant who accidentally stepped on a mine trap

18. These foldable high heels are the perfect accessory for women, when they need to drive a car without fear of stepping on the wrong gas pedal.

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