18 photos of “get it done” worker that will make you inhibited

Many people still think that construction or repair work is just a small thing, everything can be perfect as long as it is an investment. However, the end result does not always seem to be what is expected.

The most surprising thing is that there are people who only have to do a very simple job, with clear instructions, but they still decide to “get it done” but the results make the viewer feel inhibited. Here is a collection of finished products that could not be more unpleasant despite the investment of time and effort:

However, the builder said firmly: “You can rest assured, according to the drawings”.

Obviously the bricklayer and the electrician do not have the same thought with the design of the house

Finally finished drawing the dividing line. Although not very pretty.

There are 2 doors. So which door will lead me out of this room?

A very cumbersome handling phase from the electrician

Adhesive tape can solve the problem

Surely no one will mind the missing part of the pedestal

Spider-Man is probably better than this welder

How to install the heater properly?

We finally have a fence. Looks like there’s no need to worry about theft anymore.

Missing a few gadgets? It’s okay we have a lot of wood left over.

So how does this escape ladder work?

From today, we all have to cross the road as the signs indicate

This electrician was asked to install the electrical box, but the owner did not specify where to install it. And this is the result.

Drain cover is installed according to the standard of “flood prevention”

Looks like the person who installed this board was very sleepy when finishing it

The roof has already been repaired. Just a little bit off color.

The light bulb was finally fixed. But wait, something’s not quite right.

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