20 ways to solve “sophisticated” problems of towering IQ saints

Freeze grapes in the freezer and you can keep them for a long time, enjoy them at any time and taste great too.

When you have trouble reaching the wick to light a candle, use a stick of dry pasta to light the fire.

My husband made this book holder to help relieve my arm cramps.

The way my sister avoids the spoon from falling into the bowl.

How to arrange screws neatly without worrying about losing when installing furniture: use a sheet of foam.

Don’t let the sauce go to waste in your burger by placing a few fries underneath so that it soaks up the oozing sauce as you eat it. Then you can enjoy the burger sauce fries.

Put the ice cream in a zip or plastic bag to prevent the ice cream from freezing (freezer burn) and also make it easier to scoop.

My grandmother showed me how to eat a cheese snack that doesn’t get my hands dirty: using a toothpick.

Reuse the box of Pringles chips to store other snacks when eating at the office to avoid making a loud noise every time you open the bag.

Use as a salad or lettuce roll the filling of the burger/sandwich to prevent the filling from falling out when eating.

Placing stencils on windows is a simple, inexpensive, and convenient way to ensure privacy without blocking out all of the natural light entering your home.

Simple coffee-making time reminder device with just 2 paper cups.

My wife doesn’t have a Bundt cake pan so she came up with a pretty clever alternative.

Here’s a tip for cat owners: Use a scraper to get rid of the fibers that have been scratched by cats on furniture. Your sofa will look less shabby.

When your kids want a fireplace for Christmas but you live in an apartment building.

Fold a little paper to keep at the core of the roll to easily pull out for when your hands are dirty.

My local coffee shop recycles milk cartons as takeout coffee trays.

Secret dirty spoon holder on pan handle.

Tip to make more efficient use of cabinet space with stools and crossbars when you live in a small dorm.

Use a piece of cardboard to wind the decorative led lights without worrying about tangling.

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