How much “youth” have we lost to petty miscellaneous activities?

The total time spent on the toilet, surfing the phone in a lifetime will probably surprise you

The small, everyday chores that we think don’t take much time…turn out to take up a lot more time than we think, especially when considering the whole life of people. Accumulating small to large, the total time we spend on things like…tossing around before going to sleep, getting ready to go out or queuing can totally surprise anyone.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at some of the “foggy” statistics below.

Try to fall asleep

According to experts, during a lifetime a person will spend a total of 7 years lying in bed, counting sheep or doing something to make it easier to fall asleep. The advice here is very simple: If after 20 minutes your eyes are still dry, then it is best to get out of bed, drink a cup of hot tea, read a book, listen to lyrical music…and go back to bed when you feel sad. sleep again.

Find a parking place

Everyone likes to have a car to go to cover the rain and sun…until they have to struggle to find a place to park. And this unnamed and insignificant activity will consume a total of 248 days in its lifetime, almost a year. Is that enough for you to consider using public transport more?


For women, on average, a person will spend up to 8.5 years of her life shopping. Of course, most men can’t feel this, and they assume that with that time they will be able to do much more meaningful things.


For many people, dieting is a never-ending battle, especially for women. Regardless of how effective it is, the average woman will spend a total of 17 years of her life on dieting or following stricter-than-normal diets.

Getting ready to go out

The nightmare of men, almost everyone has to ask his wife or lover many times such as: “Are you ready yet?”, or “What took you so long?”. All studies show that men prepare things much faster than women. Normally, women spend 136 days of their life getting ready to go out, this number does not include 287 days standing in front of the mirror just to choose the most suitable clothes. Meanwhile, men only need about 46 days of their life for all the above stages.

Do exercise

This activity does not last indefinitely as people think. In fact, it only takes us 1 year and 4 months.

Look at the screen

Do you think the time you spend looking at the screen of your phone or computer is extremely short? That’s a big mistake, because the average person would spend…11 years staring at the screen of any device. Compared to exercise, it is clear that people are becoming more and more physically inactive than ever.


Most of today’s population usually do administrative office jobs. We sit almost all day when working, not to mention when moving, we also sit still on vehicles. So it’s not too difficult to understand when the average person uses up to 21 years of life to sit. This is also the reason that the rate of heart disease and stroke in young people is increasing. So, if you are an office worker, get up and walk often to ensure health.

Go to the toilet

Close up female feet situating on rug near toilet. She typing in mobile there

Sanitation is an essential human activity that we cannot avoid. However, many people spend hours and hours in the bathroom killing time, causing a waste of time. The average person spends up to 92 days sitting on the toilet, while the number needed for this activity is probably much lower.

Lined up

The increasingly crowded world makes it imperative for us to patiently wait in line for our turn if we want to be served. It usually takes about 235 days for each of us to wait in line. This is inevitable, so instead of doing nothing while queuing, take advantage of reading books or writing emails, etc. to save time.

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