Photo series: Humorous weight loss stories of never-before-seen “new mats”!

It’s not uncommon for people who have lost weight to fail just because they can’t resist the delicious temptation of food and drink.

With the “saints” of virtual life, losing weight is not really difficult.

This young man kept his promise to eat only one cake, yes only one

Although his family has always supported him to lose weight, they cannot stop his cravings.

This is a birthday cake for people who are on a diet to lose weight.

Still want to diet but fancy sodas? The effective solution is here

I can decline restaurant invitations, but there is always enough food in the house.

Special plate to lose weight.

The cupcake is suitable for dieters.

Are you still surprised? This is the part of the day before the weight loss plan.

When you fast for a few days, this will be your craving.

Even if we are on a diet, we can still enjoy this special pizza.

This cat speaks for our hearts when we have to eat a healthy diet

It’s just one piece

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