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12 everyday things that are much younger than we think

Here are some interesting facts that you may not know

Sharks actually appeared earlier than Saturn’s rings vành

You might think that something in the universe like the rings of Saturn would have to be older than any animal that has ever appeared on Earth, but no. Sharks actually appeared much earlier, about 350 million years ago. While astronomers say Saturn’s rings only formed about 10 to 100 million years ago, that means sharks appeared 450 million years ago.

Grass started to grow right before the meteor wiped out the dinosaurs

If you think there were many herbivorous dinosaurs, you’d be wrong. A lot of dinosaur movies cause this misunderstanding, such as the Jurassic Park kind of movie. They make a strong impression on viewers even though they are not scientifically correct. In fact, grass only appeared just before the meteorite that destroyed the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago.

Luggage trolley was invented after man set foot on the moon

Surely if the question is whether man set foot on the moon first or the suitcase with wheels appeared first, there will certainly be a lot of people who will give the wrong answer. Surprisingly, the Moon landing took place before the suitcase was designed with additional wheels. The first patent for this type of suitcase was registered in 1972, 3 years after man set foot on the moon.

There were no standard paper sizes prior to the 1900s.

In the early 1900s, DIN (German Institute for Standardization) was the first to introduce an internationally recognized standard paper size, called DIN 472. The current standard paper size is DIN EN ISO 216, basically is the A-paper series.

The high-five movement appeared in 1977

This is a familiar act when people celebrate together, so most people think that high-five is probably just a youth trend. What’s surprising, however, is that this classic celebration appeared in 1977, during a baseball game between the LA Dodgers and the Houston Astros.

A Dodgeers quarterback did a home run, and in celebration his teammates raised their hands in the air, and because the midfielder didn’t know how to react, he high-fived everyone.

Television was born before chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies are delicious, and what is even more surprising is that only since the late 1930s have people had these delicious cakes to eat while watching television. The creation of this mouthwatering cookie comes decades after the first television was born. The first televisions, which were mechanical, were actually invented in the 1800s.

It wasn’t until the 1800s that people started wearing white to weddings

It’s interesting to think that before Queen Victoria debuted her white wedding dress in 1840 at her own wedding, white was not the norm in one’s big event. Before that, the bride could wear any color suit as long as she liked.

Materials that make up the Sun

Recently received new type discovered that the Sun is made of hydrogen and helium. In her thesis, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin showed for the first time that the Sun is composed of these two light gases. This argument was once considered false because it was previously believed that the sun has a similar composition to the Earth.

Pluto was not found until 1930.

The search for the existence of this tiny planet began in 1905. However, its discovery was announced in February 1930. Clyde Tombaugh took pictures of the same part of the sky a few miles apart. days, and he discovered the dwarf planet now known as Pluto.

Soft toilet paper was invented around 1930.

It’s amazing, but soft toilet paper wasn’t used until a century ago. Before that, toilet paper was often just scraps.

Corridors did not become popular until the 1800s.

Previously, people did not use corridors to divide separate moving spaces between rooms. Instead, they will design so that all rooms are connected. For example, room doors will open into other rooms, and people often have to go through those rooms to get to another room, even going through 10 rooms to get to their destination. This ancient design can be found in some castles and palaces, and is called the Enfilade.

Phones have a much shorter lifespan than vending machines

The telephone was invented a long time ago, but the vending machine predates this useful communication device, dating back to around 870 years old. The first telephone came about 1200 years ago, and it was a lot different than it is today. The first shape of the phone was a wire connecting… two gourds. The first vending machine was one of Heron of Alexandria’s inventions, which appeared about 2,000 years ago.

20 ways to solve “sophisticated” problems of towering IQ saints

Freeze grapes in the freezer and you can keep them for a long time, enjoy them at any time and taste great too.

When you have trouble reaching the wick to light a candle, use a stick of dry pasta to light the fire.

My husband made this book holder to help relieve my arm cramps.

The way my sister avoids the spoon from falling into the bowl.

How to arrange screws neatly without worrying about losing when installing furniture: use a sheet of foam.

Don’t let the sauce go to waste in your burger by placing a few fries underneath so that it soaks up the oozing sauce as you eat it. Then you can enjoy the burger sauce fries.

Put the ice cream in a zip or plastic bag to prevent the ice cream from freezing (freezer burn) and also make it easier to scoop.

My grandmother showed me how to eat a cheese snack that doesn’t get my hands dirty: using a toothpick.

Reuse the box of Pringles chips to store other snacks when eating at the office to avoid making a loud noise every time you open the bag.

Use as a salad or lettuce roll the filling of the burger/sandwich to prevent the filling from falling out when eating.

Placing stencils on windows is a simple, inexpensive, and convenient way to ensure privacy without blocking out all of the natural light entering your home.

Simple coffee-making time reminder device with just 2 paper cups.

My wife doesn’t have a Bundt cake pan so she came up with a pretty clever alternative.

Here’s a tip for cat owners: Use a scraper to get rid of the fibers that have been scratched by cats on furniture. Your sofa will look less shabby.

When your kids want a fireplace for Christmas but you live in an apartment building.

Fold a little paper to keep at the core of the roll to easily pull out for when your hands are dirty.

My local coffee shop recycles milk cartons as takeout coffee trays.

Secret dirty spoon holder on pan handle.

Tip to make more efficient use of cabinet space with stools and crossbars when you live in a small dorm.

Use a piece of cardboard to wind the decorative led lights without worrying about tangling.

5 things that used to belong to men are now considered feminine and vice versa

Did you know cheerleading used to be a men’s sport? Or were the first computer programmers female? Many of our gender stereotypes today are the exact opposite of those of the past. Here are things that once belonged to men are now considered feminine or vice versa.

1. Cheerleading used to be a men’s sport, but now it’s associated with women

Cheerleading originated in the United States, where schools and major cities had their own cheerleading teams for their football and basketball teams.

Cheering slogans first appeared at American universities in the 1880s, when spectators chanted to cheer for the home team at football games.

The first recorded slogan was “Ray, Ray, Ray! TIGER, TIGER, SIS, SIS, SIS! BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Aaaaah! PRINCETON, PRINCETON, PRINCETON!” at Princeton University in 1884.

14 years later, college student Johnny Campbell at the University of Minesora became the first cheerleader in history when he officially led the crowd chanting “Rah, Rah, Rah! Sku-u-mar, Hoo-Rah! Hoo-Rah! Varsity! Varsity, Minn-e-So-Tah!”, and November 2, 1898 has since been considered the birth date of the systematic cheer movement.

The University of Minnesota then officially formed a cheerleading team with 6 male members, with Johnny Campbell’s slogan still used to this day.

Although the cheerleading movement began with male members, female students began to join in mass in 1923, in part because universities at the time did not have many sports for women.

Gymnastics and acrobatics are mixed with cheering slogans. Today it is estimated that about 97% of the world’s cheerleaders are female, except in college, where cheerleaders are still 50% male.

2. In the 1940s – 1950s there were a lot of female programmers, but now the majority of programmers are male

It’s hard to believe, but programming used to be a woman’s job. Today, men dominate the fields of engineering and programming, but in the 1940s it was different.

The first programmers in America were female. This can be seen in photos of girls wearing skirts next to America’s first electronic and computer integrated machine (ENIAC).

These photos have been around for a long time but people just think these girls are models posing in front of the computer.

By the time those women are recognized as programmers, they are 70 years old.

There are 6 women in total programming the ENIAC computer. These women were selected from 100 women who did the work of calculating ballistics by hand.

This is a very boring job, so two engineers, John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, came up with the idea of ​​​​designing the machine to make the job easier. So ENIAC was born and these two engineers hired six women to do the calculations for the computer.

These women laid the first foundation for future programmers.

3. The first operator was male, but customers felt female voices were friendlier, so women were recruited.

With the early telephones, people often had a manual switchboard. Operators will direct calls to the right people by inserting the end of the phone line into the correct socket. In the past, men were hired to do this job.

But gradually, companies realized that young men were not suitable for this job and began to hire women to replace them.

Companies find that female call center agents are more polite to customers, and pay them cheaper, so more and more women are being hired for this job.

Today, the voices we hear are also female because of that.

4. Before World War II, most secretaries were men

The word “secretary” comes from the Latin word “secret”. Therefore, the position of secretary plays a very important role in the organization, and also the reason why this is a job for men.

Only in modern times does secretarial work become a woman’s job.

This change started with the Industrial Reform. This is a time when industries are booming. The demand for male workers in construction, mining, heavy industry and other demanding jobs is also increasing.

As a result, desk jobs are often left empty and women are recruited to fill them.

Another reason why women became suitable candidates for work was the introduction of typewriters. Women have smaller and more skillful hands than men, so they are often better at typing.

In addition, housewives skills also help them to be more convenient in working as assistants. All of those reasons make secretarial work the right job for women today.

5. Boys used to wear skirts like girls

When it comes to dress, we are always limited by the rules society sets for us: Skirts are for women, pants are for men.

Today, that distinction is also blurred. But in the past, there was a time when that boundary even disappeared, especially between boys and girls.

In the 19th century, it was common for boys to wear skirts like girls. Although the patriarchy was on the throne at that time, parents would not pay much attention to children’s clothing before they were 10. Boys also wore skirts like girls when they were young.

The reason is very simple. Old-fashioned children’s clothing is full of troublesome accessories, and parents find it easier to dress their children in the same clothes.

Dressing your baby in a dress also makes changing diapers easier. When boys reach the right age to stop wearing skirts, parents hold a celebration called “breeching”, which is the day when boys start wearing trousers or breeches.

30 “typical” moments for a bad day, have you ever encountered?

A cool way to say hello to a new day

Let’s blow out the candles together

Here’s the thick ice outside the door, doesn’t it look good?

The eyes are lusting after

Yes, ONLY one digit wrong

Every woman’s nightmare in the world

New day is considered to be thrown away

Condolences to him

Today is walking day, and there are no exceptions

New Year’s Day is so expensive

No matter how delicious it is, it’s okay… Ỏ

When you sunbathe but forget to put the spoon and plate on your lap

You can clearly see the feelings of the builders right now

Had to clean the car again

While marching, I tore my pants

Forgot to close the car door and the ending

No more thrilling games from now on

Wrong shoe on Monday

It hurts to look at it

What doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger

Holding up a bunch of bananas, many bananas fell

Let the laptop eat cake

Attention: The paint is still wet…but she doesn’t seem to be able to see well

Meet the bear in the tunnel, what ending for you?

A harbinger of nature?

Why me?

Does it look like it’s about to fall off?

The fire truck is… on fire

When a stress reliever makes you stressed

Everyone has bad days.

17 genius inventions from the future, do you know what they are used for?

1. A 4-wheel electric vehicle designed for travel in all weather conditions.

2. Special “shoes” for horses to replace iron hoof cushions, protect the animal’s foot joints. Plus, isn’t this easier to assemble than to make a horse’s hooves?

3. Rechargeable battery with 1 USB jack

4. Automatic nailing hammer

5. Plastic bottles biodegrade after 1 to 3 years

6. New Chinese technology: building a 4-storey house in… 1 night

7. Detector detect hidden cameras

8. Fork + spoon = like this

9. A sugar cube? What about a honey pill?

10. A university library offers treadmills that integrate with computers so students can exercise while studying

11. A table with solar film and USB port so you can charge your phone and laptop

13. The socket of the future, where you don’t even need a jack

14. Pedestrian Crossing Passes in Singapore

15. McDonald’s with a small counter upstairs that uses conveyors to deliver food

16. Classroom is very luxurious with a projector hidden in the ceiling and a mirror to show the lecture

17. A prosthetic leg for an elephant who accidentally stepped on a mine trap

18. These foldable high heels are the perfect accessory for women, when they need to drive a car without fear of stepping on the wrong gas pedal.

How much “youth” have we lost to petty miscellaneous activities?

The total time spent on the toilet, surfing the phone in a lifetime will probably surprise you

The small, everyday chores that we think don’t take much time…turn out to take up a lot more time than we think, especially when considering the whole life of people. Accumulating small to large, the total time we spend on things like…tossing around before going to sleep, getting ready to go out or queuing can totally surprise anyone.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at some of the “foggy” statistics below.

Try to fall asleep

According to experts, during a lifetime a person will spend a total of 7 years lying in bed, counting sheep or doing something to make it easier to fall asleep. The advice here is very simple: If after 20 minutes your eyes are still dry, then it is best to get out of bed, drink a cup of hot tea, read a book, listen to lyrical music…and go back to bed when you feel sad. sleep again.

Find a parking place

Everyone likes to have a car to go to cover the rain and sun…until they have to struggle to find a place to park. And this unnamed and insignificant activity will consume a total of 248 days in its lifetime, almost a year. Is that enough for you to consider using public transport more?


For women, on average, a person will spend up to 8.5 years of her life shopping. Of course, most men can’t feel this, and they assume that with that time they will be able to do much more meaningful things.


For many people, dieting is a never-ending battle, especially for women. Regardless of how effective it is, the average woman will spend a total of 17 years of her life on dieting or following stricter-than-normal diets.

Getting ready to go out

The nightmare of men, almost everyone has to ask his wife or lover many times such as: “Are you ready yet?”, or “What took you so long?”. All studies show that men prepare things much faster than women. Normally, women spend 136 days of their life getting ready to go out, this number does not include 287 days standing in front of the mirror just to choose the most suitable clothes. Meanwhile, men only need about 46 days of their life for all the above stages.

Do exercise

This activity does not last indefinitely as people think. In fact, it only takes us 1 year and 4 months.

Look at the screen

Do you think the time you spend looking at the screen of your phone or computer is extremely short? That’s a big mistake, because the average person would spend…11 years staring at the screen of any device. Compared to exercise, it is clear that people are becoming more and more physically inactive than ever.


Most of today’s population usually do administrative office jobs. We sit almost all day when working, not to mention when moving, we also sit still on vehicles. So it’s not too difficult to understand when the average person uses up to 21 years of life to sit. This is also the reason that the rate of heart disease and stroke in young people is increasing. So, if you are an office worker, get up and walk often to ensure health.

Go to the toilet

Close up female feet situating on rug near toilet. She typing in mobile there

Sanitation is an essential human activity that we cannot avoid. However, many people spend hours and hours in the bathroom killing time, causing a waste of time. The average person spends up to 92 days sitting on the toilet, while the number needed for this activity is probably much lower.

Lined up

The increasingly crowded world makes it imperative for us to patiently wait in line for our turn if we want to be served. It usually takes about 235 days for each of us to wait in line. This is inevitable, so instead of doing nothing while queuing, take advantage of reading books or writing emails, etc. to save time.

Photo series: Humorous weight loss stories of never-before-seen “new mats”!

It’s not uncommon for people who have lost weight to fail just because they can’t resist the delicious temptation of food and drink.

With the “saints” of virtual life, losing weight is not really difficult.

This young man kept his promise to eat only one cake, yes only one

Although his family has always supported him to lose weight, they cannot stop his cravings.

This is a birthday cake for people who are on a diet to lose weight.

Still want to diet but fancy sodas? The effective solution is here

I can decline restaurant invitations, but there is always enough food in the house.

Special plate to lose weight.

The cupcake is suitable for dieters.

Are you still surprised? This is the part of the day before the weight loss plan.

When you fast for a few days, this will be your craving.

Even if we are on a diet, we can still enjoy this special pizza.

This cat speaks for our hearts when we have to eat a healthy diet

It’s just one piece

18 photos of “get it done” worker that will make you inhibited

Many people still think that construction or repair work is just a small thing, everything can be perfect as long as it is an investment. However, the end result does not always seem to be what is expected.

The most surprising thing is that there are people who only have to do a very simple job, with clear instructions, but they still decide to “get it done” but the results make the viewer feel inhibited. Here is a collection of finished products that could not be more unpleasant despite the investment of time and effort:

However, the builder said firmly: “You can rest assured, according to the drawings”.

Obviously the bricklayer and the electrician do not have the same thought with the design of the house

Finally finished drawing the dividing line. Although not very pretty.

There are 2 doors. So which door will lead me out of this room?

A very cumbersome handling phase from the electrician

Adhesive tape can solve the problem

Surely no one will mind the missing part of the pedestal

Spider-Man is probably better than this welder

How to install the heater properly?

We finally have a fence. Looks like there’s no need to worry about theft anymore.

Missing a few gadgets? It’s okay we have a lot of wood left over.

So how does this escape ladder work?

From today, we all have to cross the road as the signs indicate

This electrician was asked to install the electrical box, but the owner did not specify where to install it. And this is the result.

Drain cover is installed according to the standard of “flood prevention”

Looks like the person who installed this board was very sleepy when finishing it

The roof has already been repaired. Just a little bit off color.

The light bulb was finally fixed. But wait, something’s not quite right.